Efficiency in Business

J.S. Kardas, Determinants of Employee Development and Career in a Company, [w:] Efficiency in Business, scientific editing J.S. Kardas, J. Brodowska-Szewczuk, Publishing House of Siedlce University of Natural Sciences and Humanities, Siedlce 2012, s. 205-220. Monographs No 135. PL ISSN 2083-4179.

Companies plan and monitor their own expenses because their development and competitiveness depend on them. Many organizations pay particular attention to human resources. Some of them are struggling because their resources are limited and there is notenough money to invest into the labour force. These are usually small and medium-sized organizations with a smallvalue of their portfolio. Those organizations that choose to invest in their employees often consider two values affecting their competitiveness. The first is the value of training attended by employees and funded by the organization, the second is an individual career path. These two values are interdependent. The quality of training and higher qualifications gained from training, translate to better results in the job, which in turn should influence the individual employee’s career path. Of course, not every employee equally uses the skills acquired during training (…).

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