Human Resources

J.S. Kardas, Employee Recruitment and Profesional Competence Assessment in the Process of Selecting Employees[w:] Human Resources. Their Use and Development, scientific editing G. O’Sullivan, H. Wyrębek, Wydawnictwo Studio Emka, Warsaw 2012, s. 150-169. ISBN 978-83-63773-08-3.

The following material’s objective is to present methods of recruitment of employees for an organisation, and the most frequently applied tools of their competence assessment. Both the conditions of the recruitment process, and advantages and disadvantages of recruitment sources, have been described. Research methods, job applicant’s assessment criteria and person-environment fit systems of classification supporting selection have been enumerated. Effectiveness and efficiency related to employee selection have been studied.

The keynote hereof is the following: what should be done in order to ensure competent employee inflow to an organisation? The conclusion of discussions is that, first of all, one needs to clearly set out the human resources needs of an organisation. Secondly, competent individuals conducting the selection process and criteria of job applicant assessment should be chosen. Thirdly, person-environment fit systems of classification are to be included in the process. Fourthly, a suitable strategy of selection needs to be decided on. Finally, one has to make an objective choice of a job applicant with key competence for an organisation. What is more, it is said that success in highly competent employee recruitment is more often achieved in an organisation which acts according to a strategy of stimulation and initiation of human potential.

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